Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. discusses current issues facing the SBC

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
“It’s An Anomaly for Us as Well”

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful or more liberal community than Marin County, California.  This is where the “Left Coast” earns its reputation — and where Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary is found.

The Marin Independent Journal, the county’s newspaper, recently discovered a subversive and alien force within its environs — an evangelical seminary.  As the paper informed its readers: “It is an anomaly – the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, a conservative, evangelical island in the heart of Marin, one of the country’s most liberal counties.”

Further:  “Situated on 100 acres at the top of a hill with a panoramic view of San Francisco, the Southern Baptist seminary – which trains clergy in the most conservative branch of a conservative church – is flourishing in an area better known for its New Age adherents and liberal politics.”

Strange?  As the paper explained:  “We live with it every day,” said Jeff Org, seminary president, who acknowledges the seminary is a square peg in a roundly holistic-inclined Marin. “It is an anomaly for us as well.”  But it is an anomaly those at the seminary are comfortable with because, they say, they are captivated by the beauty of Marin as well as the multi cultural population of the Bay Area and the cultural attractions of San Francisco.”

The article is worth a look.