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Monday, July 03, 2006
A Statement from the Heart — Danny Akin on Alcohol

Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, has written a truly powerful article on the issue of alcoholic beverages. Most of us address this issue from a less personal vantage point. Dr. Akin cannot do this — for the experience of his wife and extended family do not allow a dispassionate stance.

Dr. Akin’s article speaks for itself, and I just want to express my appreciation to Danny and Charlotte Akin for sharing this article from their hearts. Dr. Akin wrote the article, but with Charlotte’s sweet permission for him to share very personal details. Her family story tells the story, as do other members of the extended Akin family.

There is much good material here, but read it for what it is — the testimony of a concerned husband and father, as well as the reflections of one of Southern Baptists’ most faithful theologians and leaders.

As Dr. Akin writes:

Let me respond as graciously and kindly as I possibly can, explaining why I hold the position I do. I share my heart with no malice or ill will toward anyone, but from a desire to honor the Lord Jesus, and to protect others from the evils alcohol has visited on so many.

Dr. Akins’ article, published by Baptist Press on June 30, 2006, is available here.