Thursday, August 10, 2006
Response from Dr. Newkirk

Dr. Dennis Newkirk, pastor of Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmund, Oklahoma, has posted a most gracious response to my article below. His “Reply to Dr. Mohler” is a generous and candid statement of his concerns and thoughts.

One section of this post deserves particular attention:
Even more than denominational press, the threats and name calling from some of the brethren also felt like a violation. But much of that was from the heat of emotion and must be overlooked.

There is simply no excuse for name calling when it comes to brothers and sisters in Christ who are earnestly seeking the mind of Christ. Let’s continue to pray for this church and for Dr. Newkirk as they struggle with the question of baptism. At the same time, let us kindly and honestly encourage each other with the full measure of our conviction.